Monday, 16 February 2015

Fish out of orange water

You know how I say this blog is also a way to back up my pictures so you'll just have to be kind enough to scroll past similar pictures? Yeah well today is the king of that. Your reward is the funnies at the end.

As I get closer to Friday's surgery it helps to stay busy with these pictures. I get lost in figuring out angles of light and when it's this cold you have to concentrate. Don't worry I have really warm clothes and it was only feels like -18 today.

Someone suggested I fill up balloons but I didn't have any so I used baggies.

The circles are from my rollator seat.

I couldn't get the plastic out of this one and that's ok, it turned out to be a koi fish.

Turns out purple sparkles are really hard to see when you freeze them.

ML's butterflies are surviving winter just fine.

Just like yesterday this was Harrison's walk today:


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