Saturday, 7 February 2015

Squirrels, ice and a pirate visit with Mom

I would be taking pictures of squirrels no matter what because there's not a whole lot else to see right now but I also want to make a hide and seek book or video with Lizzy the Christmas elf so I'm trying to get action shots. One of these days I will just have to pick a series of shots and go with them. Can't really mix and match because the sky is always a different colour.

Counting to 100 or however high squirrels can count:

I will probably wait for a sunnier day and clearer pictures but it's still fun to practice.

Ran across these pictures from some old pirate days in 2012 in the worst pain of radiation.

Here's the explanation for the laughter:

Sometimes people tease me that if there are no pictures then it didn't happen. But I never would have remembered this happened without having posted the pictures and not just because I was on strong pain killers. You think you won't forget joy but you do.

And yeah partly I try to have fun with this cancer stuff like pirate sharks because it gives people including me something to do other than worry. We never told mom about my cancer but she still got to participate. But also, no matter what, we can look back and say there were a lot of moments of fun.

Thanks so much for playing along.


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