Friday, 13 February 2015

Max and Luke brave the cold

Yesterday afternoon was the most fun! I got to do a photo shoot with these guys.

They were the best sports ever especially since this was the situation:

However the awesome thing is that there was full on sun and strangely enough no people! Can't imagine why. But then I had snow pants, two winter coats and a muskrat on my head.

It's pretty special that both young men are Junior Rangers this year though of course on different teams. I think they will appreciate their warm arenas after this!

There was a wee bit of wind.

It was such a great opportunity to play with my camera outside. I thorough enjoyed myself even when it felt like my nose was going to freeze to the view screen.

Today was a little warmer.

But I didn't decide to go outside until I remembered that I want to try food colouring in bubbles. It's not a good idea if you are wearing a good coat but I think it made the bubbles show up a bit better.

Deborah made this board to display the marshmallows for Heather's shower a few years ago and I chalked some flowers on it.

Today the bubbles drew a flower too.

I don't feel this way but I made this for those of you who do:


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