Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Welcome baby Autumn & Emily's pictures of Cooper

For unto this blog's toddler roundup is born today a child which is Autumn Jade, baby sister to Lorelai, daughter of Ashley and Andy, and cousin to Ava and Olivia. 

Big time congratulations to everyone!

Finally have the pictures from Sunday. Church is gussied up for Christmas. 

Picking Cooper up from Sunday school. 

Water fountains are awesome!

We dropped in on grandma and grandpa before heading to Emily's concert. 

Two thumbs up for Emily's song!

Somewhere in here the camera was handed over to Emily for the rest of the evening. 

Emily was laying on her back under the tree when she and Caleb pioneered this photograhy technique:

Emily has twinkle lights in her room all year round. 

Caleb was not being rough, the lighting was just low making it tough to catch movement. 

Whiskers wants to exit

But hides instead. 

Singing "O'er the fields we go in a one nurse open sleigh."

Great job Emily!

Today was fun!

Melissa is here so Christmas can commence!

Melissa sent this cute picture.

WB showed up in the dusk. 


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