Sunday, 20 December 2015

Emily's Solo

Hi! I haven't forgotten this blog but I've been a busy happy camper and you just know there are going to be a whole lot of pictures to catch up on soon!

Today Emily sang a solo at her Christmas recital:

She did awesome and Cooper gave her a big thumbs up that you'll see at the end of the video. You'd never even know she has a cold!

Such a proud aunt!

And here's a flashback to 2011 for Emily singing the hippo song. 

After the show Emily did some more great photography. I'm too tired to sort pictures tonight but here are a few. 

Here are just a few more I took on my iPod. Cooper loved Karen's ginger cookies!

I love these pictures. 

I don't get to see a lot of Caleb these days because he's a busy high school guy and that's how it should be but I enjoyed listening to him play drums and guitar today. He's the worship leader for Emily's junior youth group now! And he's not too big to play on the floor. 

We'll have the other angle covered by Emily once I sort the pictures. 

Emily and Caleb gave me a very special gift tonight. 

And truly it's a gift that Karen and Mike have given me as well by allowing me into their family. 

Stay tuned for some very cool hockey pictures of my friends Max and Luke soon!

And lots and lots of pictures of lights!

More than you'd ever need or want to see!


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