Saturday, 5 December 2015

A new bird and fine Roman dining

I can walk indoors only so long - 2 days apparently - before I need to get outside to take pictures. It was a good day for birds and squirrels. 

These house finches remind me of faded cardinals. They're hard to catch because they don't hang around too long. 

More red. 

Mrs. Red 

Talk about birds that don't sit still. Chickadees are always moving. 

They're hilarious. In thick brush they just fall over backwards down to the next twig and keep doing that as they snack. I guess they figure they can always fly if they need to. 

But they eventually land on their feet. 

This is the first time in a while birds have shown up at feeder while I was there. 

At first I thought this was a chickadee as well but then I noticed the orange undercarriage. 

And zippy eye mask. 

According to Merlin bird ID this is a red breasted nuthatch. 

Notches making a big entrance 

Notches and her friend possibly off-spring WB. WB for white belly. 

WB is pretty adorable. Shyer than Notches for sure but getting bolder. 

Notches is growing her winter coat. See those little tufts in the notch area? They make it harder to identify her because her ear looks whole from the other side now. 

But there's no question when she's in profile. 

And along came Nero. 

He might be family too because Notches doesn't run him off but she doesn't get as close to him. 

He's quite the acrobat!

And yes he's a he. 

His name is Nero because he doesn't mind reclining while he eats like a Roman emperor. 

Hi guy. 

Notches following me as I head home. 

Sir Harry took a brief stroll about the porch. 

But is currently considering forcibly removing my eye glasses the better to chew on them. 


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