Thursday, 17 December 2015

The lights along the way.

I posted a lot of pictures of the Grand Harmony Christmas dinner on Facebook- I've figured out why I wasn't able to make albums - yay! So I won't post them all here too. 

Tonight here, it'll be mainly the fun I had with traffic lights along the way and pictures of Karen and her quartet. 

Here though is a video of the fun that was had with selfies:

I'm afraid I am a very very long way from being done with playing with Christmas lights. This was a diamond filter and traffic. 

Switched over to the star halfway there. 

Traffic jam. 


Once we got there I was disappointed that there were no lights on the trees or decorations but the chandeliers were fun. 

The decorations were very nice even without lights. 

They know me so well :-)

I just love this picture of Jo and her mom. 

A nice surprise for me!

It's go time for the debut of Karen's quartet Contour!

A bit of group singing to round out the night. 

Never a dull moment!

Contour - Susan, Carrie, Karen and Judy.  

This the first song they sang:

Will load the second one soon. 

Less traffic on the way home. 


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