Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Toddler round up & cardinal duet

On Sunday we saw Cooper at the Kitchener market but tonight we'll see that Lizzy has visited the Edinburgh Christmas markets. Looks like it was a bit more colourful than ours. 

Heather said its dark by 3pm in Scotland so they had tons of time in the evening. 

Meanwhile Rebekah has been busy decorating her house from the ground up. 

And Lorelai is sitting pretty!

This happened today:

Recipe here:

Since I gotta be me I changed it up by omitting the bourbon, used icing sugar instead of brown sugar in the dough to make it shortbready, and I'm not a fan of chunks of salt on dessert so I used butter that has salt in it. I only baked the cookie layer for 20 minutes and the final bake only took 30 minutes. 

Look what my friends gave me yesterday. The coolest mug ever!



It was a grey day but two bright red birds cheered it up. 

I got pretty close but he was in deep cover. 

Notches was not hungry today. 

Either that or she's figured out that eventually I'll leave and the food will still be there. 

Well played!

Harry has been playing too. 


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