Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Big swim so very tired. Day started off great with lunch with my sister-in-law. Well first I had blood tests and the lab is always a bit of a freak show but that was over with quickly.

Did you know that Swiss chalet now has chicken Poutine? Yep.

Hot day for a walk for Harrison.

Trying out the pink harness again. I have been supporting the pet store industry lately buying all kinds of different harnesses. This one is just a tiny bit tight around his neck plus also it's pink!

I do like the new purple leash that I bought. It was made for dogs and it's very comfortable in my hand. Also the brake actually works!

He looks happy to be wearing pink don't you think?

We have some lovebirds that are always in the same area of our walk.

Makes for great cat tv and they watched right back.

We were still sitting at the grate when Karen and Emily came to pick me up for shopping and swimming.

Mmmm Pad Thai.

Sorry to remind you of what's going to happen next Tuesday kids:

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