Monday, 5 August 2013

The buzz around here

Last night I dreamed that I had to go back to high school and do two things. One was take a math test. Shudder. The other was take another driving test. Ack!

Of course I did not study because I never studied except for the last minute and there was always something that kept me from learning the new rules of the road. Specifically metric.

Once I got to school I was happy to see my friend Grace with a Y. (She's doing great by the way) But in my dream I really wished she would've sat with me at lunchtime. She was pretty confident because of course she had studied. We had to pay one dollar to take the math test and four dollars to take the driving test. In the information packet they had told us lunch would cost four dollars. However once we were all seated they informed us that lunch would cost $98 for the chicken Cordon Bleu. They didn't think we would get up to leave because that would be too embarrassing. I was still trying to make up my mind whether to leave or not when I woke up!

You will not be surprised to find out that there is a school reunion for real next year. As you can see that is my worst nightmare and I have no plans to attend.

Today I got some awesome shots of bees. But it all started with a hornet.

This is Deana and her amazing ears! I have only recently become her friend so that's special. She's a timid girl.

Yesterday I had the chance to visit with my buddy Max. And of course his family too!

This is called King Tut grass:

Max and his big brother

Max is not a real keen ballplayer:

We took a drive through the old neighborhood

That Dawdy house where my grandmother used to live. The big brick house is gone now!

Back home in time for a nice long walk with Harrison. He did really great and walk further than he has for a long time. He's careful to only walk a few hundred feet more than usual at a time. We walked that extra hundred feet twice. It's like he has to check it out to make sure it's okay.


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