Thursday, 16 July 2015

Portraits of love

Until today I didn't really know or understand that you can tell people you love them by taking their pictures. 

I didn't really set out to take portraits but I want Graycen and Lizzy to know when they are 55 that they had a Great Aunt Ruth who loved them very much. Even if she and her helper minions couldn't get them to smile. 

Same goes for all of you! I have a lot more pictures from today to look at yet another time but here are a few. 

The girls are teaching themselves sign language. They made me a sign for my name. An R that then snaps a picture with a camera. I love it!

And Lizzy apparently loves watermelon. 

To the point where she did not feel that we were holding up our end of properly cleaning right to the quick. 

Try again mom!

did have a goal today to potentially shoot a new profile picture for Karen. She asked me if I had any good recent pictures of her and that's when I realized I don't take her picture enough. I also realized I didn't know how much she talks with her hands. 

My favourite I think:


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