Sunday, 26 July 2015

A reluctant walk

I was NOT going to go out into the heat and bugs today but Harrison begged to differ. I waited till after 7 pm which meant he was willing to go further than our usual jaunt around the front porch. 

Even further than the usual pine trees. Although of course we made a stop there. 

A loooong stop. 

Don't know what this flower is but it turns into a candy apple in the sun. 

Can you tell we made another stop!

Here too but at least there was a Mrs Cardinal pipping away above us. 

By now the bugs were really bad even with me suited up and I'm getting the side eye for trying to hurry home. 

I know I should be enjoying this weather but I really just want winter to hurry back. Apparently bugs hunt us down by smelling our carbon dioxide traces. So maybe my next move is full on scuba gear. 


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