Sunday, 19 July 2015

A water-camera view of Bingemans

Lizzy was stylin!

Ava is so good with kids. All the big kids are but Ava put in yeoman's work following Cooper and Lizzy around. 

I can't even guess how many times she followed Lizzy up and down this ramp which was the highlight of the day for Lizzy. 

Though she did dip her toe in from time to time. 

Olivia wore her mermaid bathing suit but had to leave her tail at home. 

Emily's pedicure is holding up well for me. 

Sister toes. Slight difference in tan levels :-)

Me and my shadow. 

Over to the wave pool. 

Lots of signing. 

Spelling Ava's name:

Need a hand to spell Emily's. 

Good but backwards. 

There we go. 

Not sure. Possibly a Helen Keller moment? Sweet whatever it was. 

Clouds that always remind us of Mom. 

Speaking of sweet. 

There are still a lot more pictures from my big camera for another time. 

Too hot to walk today but the Rose Mallow called me out for a bit anyway. Shockingly I went out without any bug gear. Seem to have gotten away with it. 

The first few Rose of Sharon blooms. 

These are the flowers we thought might be Rose Mallow as well 

But they do seem fairly different. Anyone know what they are?

Meet some new neighbours! Bea and Martin brought in some roses for their flowerbed today. I was going to give them some time to settle in before I took pictures of them but then, you know the story, it rained. 

White roses are hard to photograph but it'll be fun to try!

These clouds and the sun were out while it was still raining. 


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