Thursday, 17 November 2016

Car play with Cooper

Today I had the pleasure of joining Henry and Cooper in their afternoon car fun. Henry picks Cooper up from school three days a week and Cooper likes nothing better than to sit in the car and play. 

He'd rather do that than anything else. 

The glove compartment is full of healthy snacks and eating a pear - the way it is cut up and enjoyed - is as elaborate as any Japanese tea ceremony. Cooper twists off the stick. 

Then each section and shape cut has a name some of which are not necessarily English. 

I can only remember that this is a donut

And here's the cookie. 

Time for a hand wipe and some tablet time with a funny caterpillar. 

The apple was eaten in a much more conventional manner. 

I hope Cooper will remember these special ordinary days with his Grandpa but this is a bit of a record just in case. 

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