Tuesday, 22 November 2016

New feeder and Cooper time

Despite all my whinging about heat and wanting it to snow, I was somehow not prepared for it to get this cold this fast. We missed the cute fluffy almost warm snowfall we usually get first and went straight to blasting wind and stingy bits of driving precipitation. So it's taken me a couple of days to adjust and get out there. Nothing like a new feeder to get me going again. I just love it and so, it would appear, do the birds. I've no doubt that the squirrels will have a go at it but it's gonna take some top notch athleticism to get much out of it. 

Judging from today's performance on the older feeder they'll give it the old college try. 

Hopefully not led based paint. You can see the areas where squirrel lips have removed red. 

Customers died off very quickly when a hawk was spotted. That's twice now that two crows have harangued a hawk until it leaves the area but in the meantime the little birds take cover and the squirrels feel this is a safer place to be. 

I decided it was too cold so I got up to go home. 

But the birds were back. 

And I was glared at until I coughed up some more treats. 

I was out for a few minutes yesterday and saw a cardinal couple. 

Harry tried out his new harness today. 

I think it went well but he was too cold for a walk. 

I had a special visitor today. 

Cooper gave his Mom a special massage after her hard day at work. 

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