Sunday, 23 November 2014


The day after the funeral we went to the beach and to the Cows ice cream factory in Town. The beach pictures will take another days editing but here are the cow pictures.

Never far from beauty when you are in PEI. Though honestly for me the most beautiful thing isn't there anymore.

I just have to say that I don't understand the utter (udder) realism of this cow.

Because most if not all of the Cows merchandise is fun and cartoony:

So why do we suddenly have the real thing?

Ah well we brought the cute anyway :-)

25% off everything in the store and a killer back room full of sales!

The factory where they make the icecream:

We actually had to go to their downtown store to get the right flavour of icecream. Totally worth it.

Jim tried on a posh hat.

We got looking at something else and he walked out with it on. Luckily he noticed before we hit the car and returned it :-)

Realistic cow gives shop lifters the old side eye.

Then it was time for dinner at the Cape Light where the rehearsal dinner had been. We wanted another feed of fried clams. It has quite a view.

The clams were not what they had been in August which is understandable since it was off season and they cater more to being a Chinese buffet once the tourists leave. And again we were missing a key ingredient of the experience.

Harry was pretty sure it was spring today. The snow is almost gone.

This Robin hasn't left yet.

This was a pretty big new bird for me. Fun that I'm noticing new bird calls.

A suggestion from a litter bug:

The sun made a valiant attempt to peek out.

The Tut grass is finally accessible now that it's wilted, next year back to spikes that he can reach.

Harry was ready for a real walk.

We motored all the way round to the back.

Then it was apparently time to sit on the picnic table and wash his feet.



I think we would still be there if it weren't for a neighbor and his noisy fuel guzzling leaf blower that sent us racing home.

There was even enough sun for a little light through the leaves!


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