Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bubble wrap up

Mary Lynn is stable and receiving plasmapheresis which is also known as plasma exchange when it's at home with its slippers on. It's a little like dialysis except they are removing and reintroducing different parts of the blood. The goal is to evict the overreacting antibodies that are not allowing her red blood cells to mature or produce enough. We are really hopeful for a good result.

It was swimming day so I was going to finish up the Peggy's Cove pictures but I got sidetracked by the bubble pictures from Easter Sunday in Halifax that I've never shown you. Mary Lynn and I were avoiding church due to germs so we went for a walk. We came across a lady blowing bubbles for the sheer joy of spring.

I didn't notice the cross till later:

There we are:

The bubble lady's dog had an unusual haircut.

Next we found some swings and you've seen these pictures before but they bear repeating.

ML's son Paul is arriving in Halifax in the morning.

Not sure if he's packed all of his puppets this time though.

If you're like me that it helps to see pictures of things. This is the hospital that ML is in:

Maybe Paul can solve the mystery of the bricked over windows.


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