Friday, 7 November 2014

Mostly squirrels

Big time Happy Birthday to Cooper!

Can't wait to see him at sushi tomorrow. Rumor has it he has discovered icecream cones with sprinkles there.

I started out listening to the song Three Little Birds by Bob Marley today which is a whole lot of "Every little thing's gonna be alright." And even though we found out today that ML's kidneys are shutting down and doctors hold very little hope I stand by that song. Because if I'm going to be a Christian* then I have to believe it will be alright no matter what. Oh I won't be as peppy as that song, I'll be sad and angry and it'll hurt like crazy if she goes, mainly because she's such a wonderful person. And because she still really really wants to be here with us. She really does. I have nothing else for you today except the usual squirrels and twigs.

* I will never try to get you to agree with me or change what you believe.

**plus also I don't think Bob Marley is exactly on the top of the Gospel music charts :-)

What can I say? Shooting rodents relaxes me.

Pretty sure the same can't be said for them.

Thanks for the song Susan and for not trimming your roses.

Would kinda like to adopt them unless you really want to trim them.

It started to snow a bit as I came around here.


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