Monday, 3 November 2014

Further adventures with Deborah

Today has been a day full of worry about Mary Lynn. She had problems breathing through the night and is now back in ICU. Her breathing has eased and we are grateful for that.

So it was a really great distraction that my niece Deborah (she of the recent trip to San Francisco) sent me pictures from their trip to Chicago - the Windy City which they have found to be really truly windy!

Here's the Cloud Gate sculpture or as every one calls it - The Bean.

They are seeing all the sights

And staying at a W hotel. Which is apparently a chain of unique hotels geared to young, hip folks which is why they were total news to me and why Deborah and TJ fit right in!

This is how cool they are. They show up in a city and find out that this guy is going to walk across a tightrope an hour before it happens and step outside and enjoy the show.

(Deborah's hat by my niece Melissa.)

Spoiler alert, he didn't fall, then they had this:

And possibly this:

(Melissa can make those too because she is a Renaissance woman.)

I promise that Deborah and TJ don't habitually travel this much but I'm happy for them that they have been having these wonderful opportunities!

Time to clean my lens:

More komorebi:

Harry was in the mood for a jaunt.

He was fascinated by the whirly gig.



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