Saturday, 8 November 2014


Happy 11th birthday Ava. There's a little controversy as to whether you were born at 12:04 or 12:06 but right now as I write this it's12:05 so we're golden.

You are awesome-wonderful and I love you to pieces.

Happy birthday Ava!

Emily made Ava an awesome video that I will show you another day and she's going to, along with Melissa, be the official photographer at the big party.

Henry Anne and I are heading out today Sunday at 7am to drive east. We don't expect to meet Mary Lynn but we are looking forward to hugging her family.

I want to thank all of you loyal readers for your love and support. You've followed ML's journey right beside me and you should know she told me that she really enjoyed that. You were very welcome on her journey.

Karen has arrived in Halifax and is staying the night with ML. ML can no longer respond but Karen is just glad to be there. ML is much more comfortable now that treatments have ended and that is such a comfort.

Just a few pictures from today then I need to pack!

Cooper had an awesome lunch at Ye's.

Yesterday wasn't just Cooper's birthday it was my friend Augie's birthday too!

Here's a sneak peek at his Christmas photo shoot:

Bulldogs make everything better! You don't even get any funnies tonight because that was enough cute!

Not sure how much wifi I will have on the road so bye for now. Oh who am I kidding there are timmies everywhere!

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