Monday, 7 September 2015

A bbq at Max's house

Yesterday was lots of fun. 

Although Caleb and Emily look pretty serious here. Contemplating the end of summer perhaps. 

Planning their trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona in October. We're gonna have some great pictures to look at!

Our intrepid bbqers. 

Air kisses darling. 

Olivia dressed to the nines as always. 

Josh and Annette just home from a great holiday. We'll be seeing some very cool pictures from them too!

Best burgers ever!

Caleb is 6'2 with no signs of stopping. 

Henry's sausages were awesome too and I scored the leftovers!

A very serious but fun new passive aggressive card game. It's called Mao or Mau and I'd assumed it was named after the Chinese communist leader Chairman Mao till I looked it up and apparently it's a much older game than that. But then I'm relying on what someone's entered in Wikipedia and since the whole game is made up as you go that may have been as well. Anyway it's infuriating and fun. 

Annette following a rule

The Schlueters shared their peach bounty with us!

And a game of Greed broke out. 

We should have done the throwing of Max's bread treats before the light went but it was too hot. 

Such beautiful landscaping everywhere!

Poker time!

Henry beat me in heads up but it took a while. 

There will be an asterisk beside this game (in the sense that it was more of an achievement to win) because we played the whole thing without these three cards! 


Happy back to school to all!

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