Monday, 28 September 2015

Rainy day roses & chickadees on the move

A wonderful rainy day. Bea and Martin's roses were looking spiffy. 

This lone surviving family of roses on the big bush that the Rose sisters were on gets me around the building. 

Cheerleader rosebud is still ecstatic:

I enjoy following this spider web as well. It's a challenge to see much less photograph. 

This ombré Rose is pretty spectacular. 

The humidity really amped up all the bugs today but it seems to make the birds really active too. 

Especially the chickadees. 

If you can't beat the little white bus use it as background. 

They let me get really close today. 

I just love trying to get them in flight. 

Tilley was sporting a new sweater and the oh so in fashion wet hair look today!

This grass did not come easily!


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