Saturday, 5 September 2015

Home stretch

Fair warning, our next camera club assignment will have to do with sunsets and sunrises so you'll be seeing them here. Correction you'll be seeing sunsets here. Sunrises I'll leave for the less sleep impaired than me. Well, I might catch a few of them before I go to sleep. 

Anyway, this activity coincides quite nicely with Harrison's love of walking later in the day so we headed out into the heat to hunt for sunsets and eat grass. I'll let you decide which one I chose to do. 

But first we needed to sit in the middle of the road for quite a while. 

I was happy that we made it over here to the truck loading bay. Harry loves to walk along the fence. 

And we found a bonus spot of sun. 

We were very relaxed until there was a very sudden mad dash for home because someone in a neighbouring yard started up their lawnmower. If we could get that sort of action without the fear factor our walks would be quite a bit more aerobic but that kind of speed where Harry is actually pulling the rollator is definitely a one way street heading for home porch. 


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