Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lizzy's big news

Lizzy, or Sizzy as she calls herself is going to be a big sister in February! Yay!

Everyone is happy and healthy and we hope to see all four of them for a visit next year. The level of cuteness will be astonishing. 

Heather was kind enough to send the adorable outakes from the it's a boy announcement photo shoot. 

Lizzy was all about the balloon at first but then the string became the thing. 

They tried taping the balloon low enough to be in the picture but Lizzy looooves tape (so did Caleb and Emily and my cat Qwinnie at this age). 

So happy for everyone!

Closer to home boot cleaning bunny has made a mess and looks very guilty. 

I had a mystery going on. I thought I had left a little bag of bird seed in my rollator bag two days ago but it was gone. Then yesterday I discovered this mess outside my door along with the partially enjoyed baggie of seeds I'd had leftover that day. I caught the squirrel red handed when I opened the door. Will keep supplies indoors from now and take them over to the bug garden as needed as we're not supposed to encourage fine dining on our porches. 

This hot weather means my flowers are making a comeback. 

And so are the roses around the back of the building. 

Back ony porch. 

Tilley! Always so happy. 

Harrison not so much. He's not scared of her, he is three times her size after all, he's just kinda disdainful. 

He loves Susan though!


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