Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Québec City in November

As I continue to avoid the soupy air outside I've been looking at unposted pictures. These pictures have been on my mind for a while but I've been unable to look at them. They were taken on our way home from Mary Lynn's funeral last year. It sure brings back the feelings to look at them. It was freezing cold and we just managed to hit the fudge store in time. For some reason that seemed important at the time although mine is still in my freezer. The best part of the evening was watching Ava experience the city (Olivia was tuckered out back at the hotel.) We were all really tired but it was well worth the effort to drive into the city. 

We were lucky that Henry knows the city very well and was able to drop us off at the highlights. It was too cold to walk around a lot. 

La Fudgerie:

Melissa and Ava scored us some sugar pie even though the store was pretty much closed. 

The next morning we continued on our way home. 

It was the second time in the year that I'd been in Québec City, here are the pictures from a happier time in the summer on the way home from Brent and Joannie's wedding:

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