Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bean Boozled & tons of swimming fun

Today my friends Luke and Max introduced me to the game Bean Boozled. 

It's an evolving (the flavours change) game of gustatory Russian roulette. I think you can get it at Walmart and Mastermind. 

It's very simple. You spin the wheel and eat that colour jelly bean. This can be really good or really bad. 

We played 7 rounds and I got the bad one EVERY SINGLE TIME. Ha! The only one I didn't get was booger. I have to say the grass clippings was not bad at all and I found the dog food even worse than the vomit. 

The boys were very benevolent. Luke brought me some water before we even started and we were allowed a spittoon Kleenex which I made full use of. 

Like me Luke got mostly bad ones. 

Their Mom Nicole had about an even split of good and bad. 

It's so fun waiting to see which face you'll see. 

And Max? Max didn't get even ONE bad bean!

Grandma Pari whimped out of the game but I believe she did eat a blue one because that was either wild berry or toothpaste. I purposely ended on that note too and found the toothpaste wonderfully palate cleansing. 

Although I did pick up some mints on the way home as well. 

So much fun, thanks guys!

Speaking of fun, tonight was the fall kick off of Wednesday evening swimming. As you'll see had so much fun!

It was a picture-loving, blogging Aunt's dream when Caleb and Emily took the camera and held a photo shoot!

We have lots of video for another day too. 


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