Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sunset hunting

A bit cooler today. I was still hot but some of my neighbours were wearing jackets by 3pm. Still it was cool enough to go over to the bug garden. 

No birds but there were lots of other winged creatures to take pictures of.

And a whole new world of playing with white balance on my camera. I don't understand it but I'm having fun with it. 

This next picture is in auto white balance. 

And here's a different white setting that made the leaves look more like their actual colour. But that isn't always the case. 

Our camera club focus on sunsets has allowed Harry to finally train me to go for walks at twilight. Actually he didn't really want to go today, he doesn't like being predictable, but at that time of day he can't resist. 

The sky was pretty spectacular tonight. I've used different camera settings in these next pictures but I've not done much more than crop them otherwise. It's a chore to not get a ton of buildings or light posts so I guess I just need to learn to embrace them. 

By now Harry was in full "let's sit and gawk into lit windows" mode which is my least favourite part of the program and I won't allow it so I did my best to get him home. This slowed things down considerably and it was flatly dark before we made it. 

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  1. I noticed that people were acting as if it was really cold yesterday. I was walking around with a cap sleeve top, while others had jackets on too.
    I know that it is hard to get pictures without buildings or hydro wires in them. It is too bad we don't live in the country when we want to get photos without either of these obstructions.