Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Toddler round up & more lovely rain

There have been a lot of bird and flower pictures lately so I'm going to reward you with a toddler roundup. 

Rebekah is lighting it up in the East reminding me a lot of her Grandma Mary Lynn. 

I think she loves whoopie pies as much as Mary Lynn too!

In other news cutey pie Lorelai turned two and celebrated with great style!

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Lizzy meanwhile went on a trip to Dublin Ireland. You can't really tell because Heather didn't happen to catch any leprechauns in her pictures :-) 

A fox yes!

Meanwhile Cooper visited Storybook Gardens in London. 

We'll be seeing him in the pumpkin patch this weekend so there might be one or two pictures. 

Another fine rainy day here. 

I can't quit these roses. 

Ombré rose has bowed to the rain since yesterday. 

This is the tree with the orange leaves. 

I don't know why it's never occurred to me that it's such a gradual process to turn colours. 

My rollator gathering leaves. 

Lots of time with two chippies who kept chasing each other off. 

There's gotta be a meme here somewhere. 


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