Monday, 14 September 2015

Mrs Squirrel comes to the party

Supposed to be getting hot again. This is how I feel about that. 

My yellow flowers are drooping and the birds are still on strike. Maybe tomorrow. 

But this squirrel appreciated my feeding efforts as she looks like she has a big family to feed. 

What a tail!

She tried to out wait me but had no idea how starved for wildlife I was. 

I had lots of time to play with camera settings. 

But in the end I was deemed okay because she headed back to the food I'd put out. 

This was as close I got to a finch:

Better get used to these kind of pictures. A few leaves are thinking about getting their hair coloured. 

I've had a tough time convincing Harry to go out these past days but today it was warm enough again. 

We stayed here for a loooong time. 

This is the type of reflection you don't notice unless you've been waiting for a cat to move. 

I'm sad to report that the bird feeders were for a program that has ended and will be packed up soon. If they feel like it they might do it again next year. No promises. Melissa who runs the camera club said she'll see if she can find a place closer to the building where we can have a winter one. 


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  1. That would be nice if they had a feeder over here somewhere so we wouldn't have to struggle through the snow in the winter.

    I'm with you on the NO to the heat. It was bearable and I even debated about venturing out despite the goldenrod, but not now.