Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cooper and Sean at the Fergus fall fairy

I was excited to have a close up view of a bunny today but first let's join Cooper and Sean at the Fergus fall fairy as Cooper called it. 

Apparently these goats were VERY hungry and excited. Maybe Sean will try painting one. He is quite an artist. 

Ice cream!

While they were at the fair I had an embarrassment of riches today in the bug garden. 

After this first set of finch pictures I fixed the feeder so that it holds all of the correct food. Makes me feel better and lots of leftovers for the chaps who like bigger food. 

Mama squirrel is getting used to me. 

Still did a commando belly crawl as she got closer. 

Tilley came by to say hi too. 

See, solid thistle seed again :-)

Chippy was practically swimming in the leftovers. 

This was pretty magical. Bunny hopped right up and posed for the longest time. I'm always surprised when my shutter sounds don't scare them. I took a lot of video as well that I'll look at another day. 


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