Thursday, 21 November 2013

Swimming with Cooper

Please don't mind the the blur the pool has tough light at night. Hopefully the fun shines through.

You can never have too many toys!

Fascinated watching Emily go down the slide. Not sure she should do that!

David Blaine fishy trick?

Trying to redeem myself for not taking his soother a few weeks ago:

Lots of peekaboo!

Cooper can walk on dry land now, it was interesting to try it in the water.

Kissy boy

So much fun. And then some awesome card tricks to top it off!

Today we didn't get out till dark o'clock because I was waiting for a prescription.

We ran into some friends!

Not so sure...

What the heck, Harrison figured he can take Kiwi in a fight, might as well kiss politely.

Kiwi is such a calm sweet little boy!

Loving the red dot.


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