Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Quite a day

Big day. Had my ct scan in Hamilton. Results in a week or so. I'm not really worried as the pain has not reoccurred. My sister Karen kindly drove me.

You can't eat before the test so afterwards, this was the best sushi I've ever tasted! Supermarket though it was. This rainbow roll with mango was my favorite.

The dragon roll and California roll were no slouches.

We ate in the car in a Tim's parking lot then we drove a few blocks and saw a beautiful view park overlooking the mountain. Oh well. Couldn't have tasted better or had better company!

I couldn't wait to get out for a walk when I got home because there was full sun!

Harrison was NOT pleased to be left behind. He gave me the muted throat meow/yowl and his best puppy eyes.

But who knows if he will walk a few yards and stall while the sun disappears?

I just snapped madly wherever the light hit.

It was getting dark by the time I got around back

But it was neat because I finally see that these are not what I vaguely thought were bird nests but rather they're the places the squirrels bring home the bacon to.

I shared this moment with a lovely friendly couple and they made such a nice picture as they walked on arm in arm.

When I got home Harry insisted on heading out. He ignored his usual grass patch and actually trotted!

Being left behind inspires him and so does the threat of snow in the near future I think.

Where's my grate?

Aha, here it is.

I gave him his head and it was neat because in his own round about way he recreated the walk I had just done which had certainly been no straight line as I was chasing the sun. I wonder if he was following my scent from earlier? Leave me behind will you? Humph.

It got pretty dark and I think he liked that too. Cats feel safer in the dark - and some would probably say less self conscious about wearing a leash. But honestly he comes to me to fix it if it gets loose and the confidence to go outside without it is not something I plan to instill. More courageous walks yes. Alone no.

I'd like to show you what the camera can do without using a flash at all. These were all taken within a few seconds of each other.

Sometimes I liked the darker ones better.

Tonight it was off to the gym. Could not be more excited that my knee goes around with me sitting close enough to reach the pedal!

Have not had that much range of motion for years. I have to strap my right foot in or it immediately migrates off but I can live with that. Again, not sure how I'll get to bed because of finding new muscles but I love the feeling of sore muscles that will feel better tomorrow. (I hope.) ((I thought it was nice of me to crop out the picture of the man on the treadmill behind me making retching noises.))

& from the web:

Neatorama says: "I don't know about you guys, but I feel like this is what I look like when people tell me to say "cheese" for a photo."

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