Wednesday, 13 November 2013


November 12th was my dear friend Gerry's birthday. I still miss her a lot.

It was cool to see on Facebook that her family brought coffee and flowers to her grave on this chilly day.

I miss Peggie so much too. We were quite a gang.

Tonight I put together some video from November 2007 mostly to share the voices with people who loved them. You can see it if you click here. That's Gerry's great-grandson Ryan being so cute.

Today Harrison wanted to be suited up to go outside but when I opened the door he immediately changed his mind.

He promised he would run on the treadmill later, but I didn't see it. He plays laser tag five or six times a day though so he's doing okay.

There was some lovely snow and ice today but not enough to be slippery.

And sun! Although I almost missed it. By the time I got around to the back of the building it was playing hide and seek.

I've been trying for ages to catch a falling leaf. It's really hard to show them falling. This Tulip tree leaf jumped from one tree...

to the next...

until finally the sun and I caught it for a split second before...

it came to rest.

You should probably get used to me trying to capture the twinkle of snow.

And ice.

Some fine art deco

Salmon swimming upstream?

Can you tell it's cold in here?


That's a lotta toes!

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