Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Test results

So I know you are dying to find out if I took the garbage out or not today. The answer is yes. Two bags full! Other then the fact that I can't stop sneezing I feel pretty good.

I feel especially good because I got the results of my CT scan this morning. It is totally clear of cancer and enlarged or extra lymph nodes. Such a relief.

They did see the reason that I was having pain but it is benign and hopefully something that won't recur but can be dealt with if it does. So huzzah and Merry Christmas!

Really proud of my brave boy today.

There was some hesitation…

But mostly a go.

Got any catnip buddy?

I finally cleared away the flowers so harrison can start chewing on the winter spike.

Not sure if he can go any further.

But he made a go of it.

Although it was clear many times that there was some decision-making going on.

It is a huge step if he can understand that he just has to cross the grass and the sidewalk will be bare. We never got that last year.

Made it!

This winter it looks like cold is more of a deciding factor. And if we can gradually increase our tolerance for that we're golden.


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  1. So happy for you, and praising God for your test results.