Monday, 4 November 2013

Then and now

So yesterday. Instead of a more traditional thanksgiving my family who are terrifically good sports either enjoyed or endured a sushi feast.

That's me and my brother Jim who helped guide us through.

We took up one whole side of the restaurant.

Once we did all we could there we headed back to my place for some games, but first a walk! Can't squander that kind of sunshine.

I had my long lens on so I asked the kids to stay in front of me, that was not a problem. They were off to the races but always slowed down to let me catch up.

This is my niece Deborah. Yes I have a lot of nieces and nephews, must be hard to keep up! All you really have to know is that they're all great!

Deb is holding a leaf from my favorite tree, remember the one that I didn't know what kind it was? Turns out, my other niece Jen told us later that it's a Tulip Tree leaf. I looked it up and apparently it has flowers like this in the spring:

You can bet that I will be looking up this spring! And possibly standing on the picnic bench because Google said that the flowers grow very high in the tree.

There is not a lot of thought given to composition or anything else in these next pictures. Just keeping up and chasing the exuberance and sheer joy.

I think Deb will attest that most of these pictures were taken in 5 to 10 minute. I can look it up on the camera tomorrow too.

The gazebo continues to be my favorite and yet most difficult shooting destinations because of the shadows.

And I thought of this.

Oh my heart.

He said he wanted to be an astronaut and a daddy when he was this age.

Olivia had been very patient. Time for the playground!

Okay I'm probably going to need to ask the people that knew these children when they were that little and are busy trying not to lactate to go back and look at my recent pictures again because you probably didn't see anything else once I stuck those old ones in!

That was probably my very best photo shoot with a 1.4 megapixel camera. I love the light in that corner of the room.

Ok we'll have to take up yesterday's pictures again another night. I have my treadmill now but you don't fool around in doors when November gives you a day like this.

My pumpkin gained a friend thanks to my sister Anne!

As you can see from the different angles this chippie kept an eye on us for a long time. However Harrison felt it was too cool outside for a long chippy watch and headed back in. I don't think he has his sub 5 degrees coat on yet.


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