Thursday, 7 November 2013

I did it!

For years now I've been trying to jump into the deep end. Not from any height, just plain old pancake flat level. Easy right? Well not for me. I'd stand there and stand there and think, just put one foot forward and walk in. Nope.

Sometimes I'd turn around and flop in that way, I'm not the slightest bit afraid of the water, I just couldn't figure out why I couldn't jump in.

And that's the answer - the word jump. You have to hop a little to do it and hopping? Well hopping was as far out of the question as flying for me.

I was talking about this with Henry last night on the way out of the gym and I thought you know what? Imma gonna try a little hop. And sure enough I did a little one right there in the parking lot!

Well that led to another try at the pool tonight. As you'll see I almost wimped out and turned around but luckily our pool doesn't allow jumping in backwards (among about a trillion other things) so it was do it or give up for another time.

Click here to see what happened!

It wasn't graceful or pretty but it got done!

Thanks to Emily for taking the video and cheering me on like always and Karen for being at my side yet again always ready to support me.

Not many pictures tonight, too tired. But we had a fun rib night as usual!

And I have a very silly boy playing above my head right now!

As you can see he's getting quite comfortable with the treadmill. Maybe learning to use it can be his next trick!


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