Monday, 18 November 2013

A blustery day

Not a day for a sane person to walk but I saw it was hailing/snowing and I'm a sucker for precipitation. Soon enough it will be too slippery.

Fly away my friend fly away.

This wind sock literally blew in every direction except one.

The Rose sisters weathered the storm.

Their kids are hanging in too.

I think some of the kids are considering going punk.

This is the lightest the sky got.

These flowers are still pretending to enjoy life but this is a case of the camera being very kind.

Harry swore he would go outside. I didn't believe it...

but it was true!

Not thrilled about the snow but happy to eat grass and muck around in the Christmas bird tree.

Oops we knocked down an ornament.

Sorry Mr Atienza. Happy 90th birthday!


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