Thursday, 7 November 2013

Two days in November

Two days to catch up on. Yesterday's walk was two whole porch lengths!

Time to come in and play with manual setting.

Patience of Job this cat.

Patience of Job.

Today there were a few flakes of snow so Harry didn't even make it off the porch. He's doing some pretty good running around inside in the evenings so I let him get away with it.

He missed some good squirrel TV though.

One good gust of wind and tuesday's leaf rodeo is all in vain.

I keep visiting the same two rosebushes thinking they'll be gone soon.

Sometimes I really like mistakes:

And hey Alice's flowers will there even when my roses fade.

Today was Cooper's actual birthday, thanks for the pictures Henry. Might be one or two from his party on Saturday too :)


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