Saturday, 16 December 2017

C is for Christmas Cookies

Headed up to Elmira for some cookie making. Caleb came to pick me up. So cool!

Whiskers liked my bag.

Jo and Emily and Karen were already hard at work.


Love my new squirrel cutter from my friend Pari!

Caleb and his friend Katie dipped cookies and later made peanut butter balls.

The recipe for the sugar cookies had Karen putting the baking soda into the sour cream which created science and made it so you couldn't taste the baking soda!

What happens when you don't chill the dough first.

I got a little sugar on myself.

Ghost angel?

Then Karen held up our angel to the cutter package, realized we had a Pinterest fail, and laughed till she cried.


Our other angel looked more like Sam the muppet!

Hoping he gets blue icing and eyebrows when he's decorated.

Poor angel became a cyclops on the way home.

I think the gingerbread cookies win for prettiest of the day.

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