Sunday, 24 December 2017

A special Christmas Party

On Friday I went to The Grand Harmony Christmas party. Awesome people, wonderful food, the most amazing decorations but most importantly the best hostess ever. Norma and her husband Carl, who she lost a few years ago, have been doing up Christmas really big for a long time, And even when it's not Christmas the year round Coke collection that Carl began as a teen will blow your mind.

I don't feel like I've done Norma's home justice with these pictures so I hope to get another try next year!

Our co hostess Lisa. She's the assistant director of the chorus and Norma's loving daughter.

Pretty trees in every window.

I told myself that I didn't need to be taking pictures right away. That I should try to be social first. Then I saw this piece and entered a photo fugue. I need an hour minimum alone with it sometime with tree lights in the background.

Norma starts decorating on November 17th each year. She has a friend who helps but does most of it herself.

Okay people!! Yes that's what a party is.

But the decorations!

And food!

Taking pictures of people taking selfies is a favourite.

Another favourite!

I headed downstairs to see the Coke collection.

A whole wall of these beauties!

Just when you think you've seen it all you turn a corner and there's more!

Rezonation was the only quartet out in full force. A link to a song they sang will be below.

Thanks to Norma and thanks to everyone for a great time!

Here are the two songs the group sang for me. I know they would say oh we didn't have enough tenors or whatever but I think it's amazing that they can just stop and do this!

Carol of the Bells:

The Grinch:

And here is Rezonation Quartet singing In His Eyes One Size Fits All

And if you haven't seen Norma's quartet Zamira sing this hilarious song here it is:

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