Monday, 1 January 2018

A Happy New Year Full of Dogs

My brother Al and Max came to pick me up yesterday.

We headed over to their house to throw bread for Max.

Ears up

Ears down.

Ears are mostly up for bread!

The pictures got much better once we moved to the light but I like how you can see the bread in these two.

Max loves this cold weather and stays out as long as he can.

Then we headed over to Henry and Marcia's. I guess I'm seeing things in sphere's everywhere including their car.

Melissa and Ray brought their dogs. The big guy is Simon

And that's his little sister Georgie.

We had lost most of the light by now but it was still fun to go outside.

Georgie Checking out the score.

Melissa's excellent dill beans and pickles.

And a delicious supper, Not pictured is the traditional New Years Eve chowder by Henry, inspired by Mary Lynn.

Grandpa Jim

Cooper in his new years unicorn hat.

And froggy slippers.

Unicorn kisses from Karen's point of view.

Caleb's phone has a great camera

And we somehow made a good group picture!

Our poker game didn't get close to midnight. Henry was the winner.

With hands like this - no wonder.

Earlier before Al and Max picked me up I played with bubbles. Not sure why there was no Jack Frost effect this time, maybe dry air or no wind.

I had to break the bubbles myself.

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