Thursday, 11 January 2018


I wanted to entitle this blog entry "We'll always have parrots" but blogger can't handle contractions in the title so...

I had such a cool visit with Johanna's parents Peter and Margaret today. They are bird experts and we timed our visit to see these two baby Alexandrine parrots (named after Alexander the Great because he had one) that have only been away from their parents since Sunday. I think they are adorable just the way they are but they'd have more feathers if their mum and or dad hadn't plucked them.  

We arrived at feeding time!

So did someone else!

Margaret explained that the food is stored for a bit in the first stomach right under the chin

You can almost see the feathers growing like blades of grass!

Well fed and ready for a nap.

When they are grown up they will look like this:

The male has the black bow tie. Very spiffy just like Andrew.

The bird man. I learn so much from both of these wonderful people!

Emily and Karen came and got to go out to the bird area where the parrots are raised. I'm going to go again when it doesn't matter if I get sick. I'm really really allergic to birds.

All animals are loved in this home. I have no idea why the cats leave the baby birds alone in the house.

Meeting the babies


Thank you Margaret and Peter and also Johanna for having such awesome parents!

Here's some snow from Monday before the thaw.


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