Sunday, 14 January 2018

Milo and Friends

Had some very special visitors today including this little guy.

Annette and Ava and Vivi did a lot of work to help get me organized but we had fun too.

Milo could see right away that the new bed was great.

Bit of a stand off but Harry really doesn't mind calm dogs.

Annette crocheted me the most awesome Simpsons donut pillow!

Froggie outfit!

Getting Harry's toys.

Well mostly calm.

I think he found every toy!

Totally yummy supper from Ben Than. Get the purple smoothie!

Milo had close begging rights

But with a single glare Harry had him gone.

Now they have their own sides

Sir Milo

He wants you to throw the toy but won't give it to you.

Styln coat

Thanks for a fun day and all your help!

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