Monday, 1 January 2018

Christmas Light Hunt December 12th

My friend Pari has been fantastic at taking me out light hunting and I better get showing them to you before June rolls around though now that I think about it maybe we'll save one of the next nights until we're so hot we really want to see snow again.

We see these polar bears in three different lights. I think they are my favourite.

But I like Pari's fox a lot too.

I got some awesome gifts before we hit the road.

I love Pari's off duty Santa!

And her window art.

Twilight bears

Dinner time

Beautiful nails

Victoria park


This is cool. A friend of Pari's put 82 strands of lights on his house, one for every year of his age!


Pandora Street Kitchener


Our bears full dark.

We had to go back to Pari's because someone left their keys behind. Me :-\

But then we got to see King st in Kitchener

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