Saturday, 29 March 2014

This and that

Today was a day for laundry and working with pictures instead of taking more. However for your pot luck viewing pleasure I give you:

Ava and Lorelai being goofy...

Harry and his beloved peacock feather...

(Sadly the feather is actually no longer with us.)

Some moving vehicle shots on the way home from Fergus last Sunday...

And last but not least Cooper enjoyed his first hair cut today!

Handsome little dude!

Ha ha I took this picture of a very relaxed Harry and was going to say good night but...

Then my bedroom clock radio started to go off and the boy was no longer relaxed.

I've had this clock radio for eleven years and suddenly I can no longer turn off the alarm no matter what I do. So I figured if I set it for midnight it might force me to take a hint and go the heck to bed.


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