Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring but not sprung

Welcome to spring!

Not a very spring like day. It was snowing and I needed the muskrat hat for the first time in a while because of 57km gusts of wind.

I made sure to be at the rose garden at exactly 12:57.

Believe it or not the sun came out briefly right then.

Since two days ago the ladies have lost quite a bit of ground.

This was March 18th:

Today one rose is down to about three petals. But by gum I think we can agree that they made it!

Proud of the ladies. Kind of like that they are just opening up and floating away.

I didn't really start noticing them till October or November.

I'll have to look through my general pictures of this flower bed for their hay day pictures when I do their retrospective.

Emily continues to be wildly creative with her rainbow loom!

I believe this will be little Lorelai's mode of transportation.

Apparently she rides side saddle.

Look at her in the cute hat that my niece Annette crocheted for her.

How awesome is that!

Swimming fun from yesterday.

I extended my record of two and a half front somersaults to three!

Horse camp pictures from spring break:

They all did great and I'm really proud of Emily for facing and overcoming her fears.

Scottish Lizzy update tomorrow!

Yesterday's Robin had the good sense to take cover today.


Selfie at the Oscars:

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