Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Do do do looking out my back door & swimming!

Looking out my back door cause there's no way I'm going for a walk outside on what will hopefully be our last blizzard this year. Hopefully.

Sometimes it snowed.

And sometimes it snowed!

Spiked plant is going back underground.

Harry was sad.

I on the other hand was not too sad because I got to go swimming tonight!

We missed Karen and Caleb but we had a ton of fun.

This is cute little Peyton. Cousin to Ava and Olivia and of course another honorary niece of mine.

Our little frilly necked lizard was in fine form tonight.

He is a peekaboo pro

And he was really holding court tonight. Favoring all of his admirers with kisses.

He'd swivel around and pucker up towards the next lucky groupie.

I even got two! It was so cute.

One time I set my camera down but he picked it up and gave it to me. Not sure he's ever seen me without one. And I mean that literally.

Olivia can pull her mom around!

She has become quite the swimmer, well on her way to becoming a fishy like Emily and Ava.

I managed to keep Cooper entertained while Dana got changed.

Well playing with these black tiles was actually what kept him entertained. He plays them like a piano.

Many thanks to Annette for bringing us to swimming after a big day of driving up to Fergus in a blizzard to take the girls to horseback riding camp.

Hope to have pictures another day of that. Really proud of Emily for conquering her fear of getting on a horse!


Speaking of kisses

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