Monday, 24 March 2014

Lots of fun

So a few more birthday pictures to tide us over till the movie. These pictures are from Melissa's new camera, it's pretty awesome. I forgot to bring my extra battery so Melissa let me play with it. I was mortified to see that I got a bit of icing in the retracting part of the lens. In fairness to myself it was a bit of an icing war zone. We caught it in time to be able to remove it without damage.

Melissa took a Costco cake and Monster Highed it!

I don't really know what Monster High is because I am old :) but I think this is very cool.

Love this girl to pieces.

Melissa and Lorelai.

More Lorelai pictures on Facebook soon, just having a few technical glitches.

So yesterday my friends Pari and Dave picked me up and we headed up to Fergus for Max's hockey game.

As I said we ate here:

It wasn't easy to believe the GPS that we had arrived because the restaurant is around the back of the building. However that's actually an advantage because it has an amazing view.

The view from our table.

The people view was wonderful too.

So was the food!

Now if you are more into the fish than the batter don't try this at home. However I highly recommend it.

Over to the arena for the game. Dave's sister Susan joined us. We were very good FarmVille buddies back in the day so it was great to see her.

Max and his team played great!

The boys on Max's team have pink laces on their skates and pink hockey sticks in honor of one of the boy's mom who is battling breast cancer. Speaks volumes about them I think.

Max won this squirmish.

Max's dad Gary is the coach.

Never any shouting, just a quiet word in an ear now and then.

They score!

Max is a quiet leader just like his dad. He couldn't of been more happy for his teammate than if he had scored the goal himself.

The hard-fought game ended in a one one tie.

Very exciting!

With mom Nicole and brother Luke who you may remember we saw play a few weeks ago after his team won a big tournament.

Max plays on two teams so that's a lot of hockey not to mention laundry!

Great fun!

Yesterday's roses:

It was darn cold out there today.

I'll post today's walk pictures tomorrow. Mr. Cardinal was in a posing mood!


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  1. Haha... Love your silly animal photos.
    Not long until you meet some goofy Nova Scotians!!