Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nor'eastered siester

So my sister Mary Lynn needs to be in Halifax to start the stem cell transplant process for 7:30am this Friday. Currently they are expecting 30-50 centimeters of snow in some regions and winds up to 110 km per hour in PEI where she lives. Also the only way to drive off the island - the Confederation bridge is closed. Oh and there might be a nurses strike next week but they've told her they have a plan to deal with that should it happen.

It'll all work out, just a little extra drama to keep it interesting!

Slow picture day and I forgot my swimming camera. That's ok maybe it's a good thing to detox every once in a while.

Tonight my power went out when Caleb was right in the middle of shearing my hair so Emily held a flashlight and Karen finished cutting it with scissors - just the pioneers! I think it's fine but it'll be interesting to see how it grows out.

Harry says goodnight.


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