Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Robin Hood

Lots to catch up on. The story and pictures of going to the Cambridge butterfly conservatory are on Facebook. Just in case there are any readers not on Facebook here are a few of the pictures.

Rhinoceros beetle!

Great day!

Yesterday's walk:

Three days till spring!

Listen I've got some dirt inside my lens. Let's pretend its art when we see it k?

The birds yesterday were really shy.

Harry continued to enjoy his feather a lot and we wished happy birthday to my niece Jennifer in PEI.

Two big birthdays today too.

Party for Olivia on Saturday - it will be even more exciting cause I get to meet this poppet! They are flying in from out west.

It's also my friend Zack's birthday today.

Zack is another honorary nephew, I don't seem to run out do I?

I'm not sure how all of these babies have grown up. It should make me feel old, but honestly I just feel like I have made new friends as they become adults.

Today's walk part 1:

Today's birds were NOT shy!

This guy led me and merry chase.

Zee was in fine form.

I hope to gain her trust enough to take her for walks someday. She's a shy girl.

Found him again.

Two days till spring. Hang in there ladies!

Bunny/squirrel grotto:

Harry's first walk

He found the sun!

Birds close to home.

It was just too nice to stay inside so I went out for another walk.

Glad I did!

I couldn't believe what I saw. He listened really carefully.

Dove in and pulled out a worm.

I missed catching the worm cause he ate it so fast. I mean who can hear worms?!

This guy.

[Whoops turns out they are actually looking with one eye not listening. Would've corrected this sooner but was distracted by "can birds fart" while I was looking up can birds hear worms. The experts disagree on this issue. I wonder if worms can?]

Angry bird?

I learned today that I should raise the F- stop so the grass wouldn't go nuts like that. But I kinda think it looks like a cartoon.

Mr Robin was still there when I came back.

Then he took a bow

And flew away. Well about 10 feet.

The boy was not afraid of me!

Harry insisted on a second walk too.

You can see the cat nip pot!

Still pointing out that he has bare feet.

Not sure why he hung out on the ice then.

We didn't even attempt to cross Lake Ruthe.


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